SAMAMA Investments work with private equity houses, investment banks and other investment entities globally in order to identify potential opportunities for acquisitions, investments and partnerships. We bring together global standards and expertise, communications, and a leading edge in the investment industry, as well as designing and implementing investment frameworks that are scalable and flexible to cope with impacting factors.

SAMAMA Investments’ focus in its investment plans, addresses vital sectors of the national and international markets in the following sectors:

• Banking and Finance Sector
• Power
• Industry
• Real Estate
• Construction
• Healthcare
• Services
• Food and Beverage
• Innovative Technologies

SAMAMA Investments is a proud partner of leading companies and institutions in the Gulf and Asia, through which experiences are shared, as well as shared values and long-term strategic visions are unified, including:

 arabianshield  Arabian Shield Insurance (KSA)
 altayyar  Al Tayyar Travel Group (KSA)
 awazel  Arabian Water Proofing Industries (AWAZIL) (KSA)
 almarai  Al-Marai (KSA)
 aljazeera  Al-Jazeera Publishing (KSA)
 jesco  Jubail Energy Services (KSA)
 yamama  Yamama Cement Company (KSA)
 elafbank  Elaf Bank (Bahrain)
 qinvest  QInvest (Qatar)
 qfb  Qatar First Bank (Qatar)
 kesc  Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (Pakistan)

As part of our strategy to become leaders, SAMAMA Investments has initiated two major milestones in their investment activities to cover two main sectors: Medical and Transportation.

Ostool Nagel


Ostool Nagel is a newly-established transport entity which is 70% owned by SAMAMA Investments, and specializes in providing female student transportation services, beginning in the Southern Region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With a maiden fleet of 380 buses, we plan to expand our transport services throughout the Kingdom to become the preferred transportation services company, with a vision to increase our fleet range to cover the entire Kingdom.

National Blood & Cancer Center

As part of our contributing nature, and our care for the community, SAMAMA Investments has launched an initiative to establish the first fully-fledged private cancer center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, providing relevant services in the latest technologies equipped labs, technologies and facilities to cancer and other blood disease patients. With SAMAMA Investments owning 38%, this milestone has encouraged the need to provide such services instantly without the patients having to travel abroad for treatment.

The National Blood & Cancer Center is operating and is located on King Abdullah Road, at the Eastern Ring Road.

Current News
23 Jul 2014
SAMAMA Chairman to lead Saudi Arabian Paralympic Committee
23 Jul 2014
Good News Just After Establishment - August 2013
23 Jul 2014
Another achievement for Ostool Naqel - July 2014
Over 10,000
and it has spread its activities from an operation & maintenance management company to a more diversified group engaged in construction sectors.

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