At SAMAMA we believe it is the natural right for everyone to receive the proper quality care and treatment needed within a healthy, clean, and well-equipped environment.  SAMAMA Medical is a pioneering firm that specializes in the provision of complete medical and support services, equipment and products to hospitals and medical centres that facilitate medical work on every level.

Over the past 20 years, SAMAMA Medical has partnered with the Ministry of Health, undertaking several management projects to hundreds of Medical cities distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bringing together cutting-edge technologies, medical equipment, and complete medical management services to ensure professionalism and quality outcomes.

Some of our major services to large-scale projects involve:

- Provision of a medical workforce that is highly qualified, skilled, trained and certified.
- Preparation of clinical and offices furnishing.
- Supply of world-class medical equipment that cover all the needs of all hospitals, clinics, imaging, laboratory and diagnostic services.

With an impressive staff of 8,000, including highly experienced  biomedical, civil, mechanical and electrical Engineers, we effectively manage medical facilities using strategic analyses and evaluations, to document the required equipment, hospital networks, support staff requirements, and the planned preventive facility management and maintenance tasks needed to ensure a safe functional environment to deliver quality health services.

Partnering Values

In keeping with international experience, the Saudi market is in need of careful planning and execution of medical services.  SAMAMA Medical offers a unique partnering model, specially tailored for large-scale foreign medical partners and vendors who seek new challenges and opportunities.  SAMAMA can offer the benefits of two decades of industry experience and quality relationships, with existing corporate infrastructure and international understanding to provide the best platform for foreign company success in Kingdom. We achieve that through understanding a partner’s objectives to guide them on their path to success within the market.

More recently we have acquired a substantial interest in the National Blood and Cancer Hospital and Inaya Medical College and have substantial activities in primary care and medical information with international partners.

At SAMAMA Medical, we build partnerships for life.

SAMAMA Medical provides excellent equipment and peripherals that complement the operation of medical facilities, operating rooms and other highly active facilities. Our high level of quality is defined by durability, reliability and consistency of performance in all products supplied.

SAMAMA Medical offers various products related to:

• Medical imaging including related therapy and treatment systems including CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Nuclear medicine, fluoroscopy and digital x-ray.
• Operating room equipment and surgical instruments.
• Management and clinical Workstations.
• Front of house’ reception and client furniture systems.
• Hospital Furniture for patient rooms and delivery of clinical services.
• Archiving and Hospital Information Management Systems with comprehensive networks distributed throughout the medical facilities.

Services provided by SAMAMA include, but not limited to the following:

• Hospital Operations and Maintenance
• Healthcare Services
• Rehabilitation Products Provision and setup

Saudi FDA Inspection Services:

To cover every requirement in the medical field, SAMAMA Medical is a trusted partner to the Saudi FDA, providing supporting inspection services to the Saudi FDA through a well-managed set of inspection processes, ensuring quality on every level of the medical field in the Kingdom.

In addition, SAMAMA Medical provides training services as recommended by Saudi FDA.

Current News
23 Jul 2014
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23 Jul 2014
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23 Jul 2014
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Over 10,000
and it has spread its activities from an operation & maintenance management company to a more diversified group engaged in construction sectors.

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