SAMAMA O&M has been built on a strategic plan to provide world-class 360° maintenance of government facilities. It has gathered a workforce of dedicated professional managers and staff to maintain high quality and performance. SAMAMA is carrying out the maintenance of a large number of government, medical and private enterprise facilities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our 30+ years of our operations, we have been able to build a professional workforce of over 10,000 trained employees, handling over 200 projects, and a staggering one billion+ square meters of facilities annually.
Our high standards and procedures are matched with our status as a First-Class contractor. International certifications for SAMAMA O&M include achieving ISO international certification in safety and related services.

Area of coverage

In order for us to provide and implement operations and management services to their best performance and expectations, SAMAMA O&M provides a wide variety of professional services that cover all the needs in facilities management and performance.

Among our services, we focus on:

- Large commercial, government, administrative and residential complexes
- Hospitals
- Universities and Schools
- Airports and Seaports
- Sea ports and docks
- Military bases
- Energy installations 

Our services have expanded to reach technical and non-technical areas and we have secured service contracts as follows:


 Technical Services:  

- Management & Operations of Healthcare Facilities
- Biomedical Management & Operations
- HVAC Systems
- Plumbing & Pumps
- Water Treatment & Sewage Systems
- Power Generators
- Low & Medium Voltage Electrical Equipment
- Lifts & Escalators 

Non-technical Services:

- Housekeeping services
- Landscaping
- Pest Control
- Environmental Health
- City cleaning, waste management, sewage disposal, and pollution control.
- Fire & Safety
- Security
- Renovation and Repairs

• Ministry of Finance & National Economy
• Royal Commission of Jubail & Yanbu
• Ministry of Health
• Ministry of Defence and Aviation
• Ministry of Higher Education
• Ministry of Education
• Ministry of Labour
• Department of Royal Palace
• Al-Riyadh City Development Authority
• Ministry of Interior
• Ministry of Information Technology
• National Guard
• Saudi Television Complex
• Ministry of Social Affairs

Current News
23 Jul 2014
SAMAMA Chairman to lead Saudi Arabian Paralympic Committee
23 Jul 2014
Good News Just After Establishment - August 2013
23 Jul 2014
Another achievement for Ostool Naqel - July 2014
Over 10,000
and it has spread its activities from an operation & maintenance management company to a more diversified group engaged in construction sectors.

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Phone: +966 11 4602545 / +966 11 4409111
Fax: +966 11 4602631

P.O. Box 2781
Unit 5 Alandalus Building,
Olaya Road, Riyadh 11461
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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