SAMAMA Global Corporation

SAMAMA Global Corporation, a BVI incorporated company, is the offshore investment arm of SAMAMA Holding Group. The company was formed in April 2005 to invest in expanding market sectors around the globe.

SAMAMA Global Corporation has made a large number of investments. These investments have been made in the Banking and Finance, Trading, Manufacturing, Energy, Real Estate and Technology sectors. A diversified approach is evidenced by investments being held in the Middle East, the US, Europe and South Asian regions.

Over 10,000
and it has spread its activities from an operation & maintenance management company to a more diversified group engaged in construction sectors.

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Phone: +966 11 4602545 / +966 11 4409111
Fax: +966 11 4602631
Email: info@samama.com

P.O. Box 2781
Unit 5 Alandalus Building,
Olaya Road, Riyadh 11461
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia