Corporate Profile


Quality Management

- Delivering quality, safety and reliability on time to meet our client’s needs.
- Assessing the project’s value and optimizing the effective risk management. 
- Fostering environmental protection and sustainable development.


Our long term experience in our core business sectors has enabled us to establish a prominent presence in the fast paced business environment. Almost four decades of steady performance has made us well equipped and strong enough to deliver the high quality services demanded by our customers.

Our Path to the Future

Our long-term view to achieve our corporate goals has four key elements:

1. Formation of new joint ventures in our core businesses.
2. Expansion plans for our existing business.
3. Diversification of business into other progressive sectors.
4. Become a publicly listed organization.

Over 10,000
and it has spread its activities from an operation & maintenance management company to a more diversified group engaged in construction sectors.

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Phone: +966 11 4602545 / +966 11 4409111
Fax: +966 11 4602631

P.O. Box 2781
Unit 5 Alandalus Building,
Olaya Road, Riyadh 11461
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia